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Erik, I used the “Amish America sitemap to View all posts” in the left sidebar, between “Most Commented Posts” and “Categories,” to find this post.

Erik/Amish America

Great way to check out old posts Lin, there are 1000+ there. I’ve enjoyed Doyle Yoder’s Ohio photos.

Lin, the pix are in Ohio (where I live) that’s why they’re so beautiful. LOL Eric, I read this post with great interest. Thank you.

Rose (

Thank you for this post Eric. As always, I now have a clearer understanding on this subject thanks to your knowledge. I attended an Amish auction yesterday and they did not seem to mind the photographs we took.


Donald Reese Photography

Donald Reese Photography has quite a few photos in the Amish category, mostly from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. You can remember his name better if you think of Reese’s candy!

Mark – Holmes Co.

I was once stopped at a stop sign in town with my daughter with me on the buggy. A lady motioned with her camera and I figured she was asking if it would be okay to take our picture. I smiled as I shook my head no. Another woman with her told her friend “I never ask, I just take it,” and she did. The first lady is what we think of as a visitor — the second is what we think of as a tourist.

Naomi Wilson

Mark, my dad spent his working career as a gunsmith at Colonial Williamsburg, and I got to work there too, as I was growing up. It was often hard to remember to be polite to “tourists,” even when that was exactly what we were paid to do! And the horror stories were numerous, although I can’t remember any of them now.

Mark – Holmes Co.

I can imagine you have stories! Where I work we keep a notebook to write interesting tourist stories, questions, or comments in. Once it’s full, I think we should publish it. There are some winners in there!

Naomi – wow, what a fascinating and unique upbringing Mark – I agree your book of stories would be wonderful. I’d read it.

Our first “adopted” ex-Amish son Moses told me he got used to being stared at when Amish. He just took it in stride. (but, it’d probably bug me to be stared at).

Naomi Wilson

That sounds quite fun and interesting, and like a great gift for my dad and others!


Not the reason I thought

This is interesting. I was always told that the Amish did not approve of having their photos taken or of their dolls having faces because of the verse in the bible Exodus 20:4 – Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Erik/Amish America

Yes it is a bit more complicated than that Amish have varying opinions on photography and discouraging self-pride is probably as much or more a relevant reason to avoid posing for photos as the Exodus verse. Some Amish don’t have many qualms about photos, I have posed with an Amish friend for photos before (with the understanding it’s not for publication). You can also find other photos of Amish fully aware of the camera and even saying “cheese”, so to speak, online. Most Amish don’t do that however.

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